Dr [ William Ernest] Hocking of Havard University has said that “all life can be reduced to work and worship-what we do ourselves, and what we let the higher than ourselves do.” Worship is as natural to the human family as the rising of the sun is to the cosmic order. Men always have worshipped and always will worship. In some form or other, worship is found everywhere, in all ages and among all peoples. Buddhism, a religion theoretically without a God, would impress us as a religion that excludes worship, yet in every country where Buddhism is dominant, worship is present. Confucius urged his followers not to have much to do with the gods, yet immediately after his death his followers deified him and today millions worship him. If today one crosses the borders of Christianity into the plain of Mohammedanism he will find formal prayer five times daily. This tendency to worship is one of the elemental functions of human life. — MLK, “Worship,” 1955


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