Finally, the Christian leader must be consecrated.

There is a dire need for leaders who have been touched by the hand of the Divine. Too many leaders make religion only a one day affair, something that they put on Sunday morning and hang up in the closet on Sunday night. Too many leaders have only been inoculated with a mild form of Christianity. We stand today in dire need of a moral voice able to call forth all its powers, The weakness of leaders today is that they exercise no moral authority. They are picking around the surface of our really vital problems. We need leaders today who are able to convince the secular world that we are engaged in the most dangerous, the most daring and at the same time the most necessary business on earth, that of saving men from moral bankruptcy. What we need today is more spiritual engineers to guide this train of religion. When our leaders will have reached this point, we will sail safely into the harbor of God’s kingdom. This is our overwhelming responsibility and our profound challenge. — MLK, “The Task of Christian Leadership Training for Education in the Local Community,” 1955


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