Every Christian leader has the task of being open-minded.

Have not our Christian leaders too often been advocators of narrow sectarianism? Have not our educational programs in the community been too Baptist, too Methodist, to Presbyterian, and not too Christian? Has not this internal war between the diverse denomination caused a lapse in community progress? Christian leaders must come to see that problems of the local community are so intricate that it will take the united effort of all denominations to solve them. Christian leaders must come to see that God is not a denominational God, and that in the final analysis we are all in the same boat. Although we differ in minute detail, such as ritual and minor doctrine, we should be working forward to the coming of God’s fingdom in earth This plea for ecumenical minded leaders cannot be exaggerated, for everywhere one turns, he sees narrow-minded leaders. — MLK, “The Task of Christian Leadership Training for Education in the Local Community,” 1955


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