We should ask God to help us to accept ourselves

and to use our tools no matter how dull they are, I’ve used this example quite often: I remember when I was in college, I was taking a very difficult course, that many of you have taken I’m sure, called statistics, and I’ve never been a great mathematician. And we had the job, you know, of finding the mead, mode, and medium, and standard deviation. And I remember that I had a classmate who is now the bursar, I mean the registrar, of Morehouse College, and he had a tremendous faculty for taking up things in the mathematical realm and doing them in just a few minutes. And I thought that I was to do it just like he did it. He could do it in just a few minutes. And I was going to do this thing like Leif Cain, I was gonna do this thing just like he did it. I knew I had the capacity of Leif Cain, and he would turn it out. And I discovered that I would try
to do it in the same length of time, and I didn’t get it. And I finally had to accept the fact, and it was kind of difficult at first, but I had to come to see that Leif Cain had a better mind than I had. He had a better capacity for grasping this particular thing. And so while he could do it in one hour, I had to spend three hours in doing it. I had to just come down to the point of accepting myself and my dull tools and doing it the best that I could, and this is the thing that every individual must do. –Overcoming an Inferiority Complex, MLK


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