One of the great weaknesses of liberal theology is that it to often loses itself in “higher criticism.” In other words, the liberal theologian, in many instances, becomes so involved in “higher criticism that he unconsciously stops there. This is certainly a weakness that the liberal theologian should attempt to avoid. After the Bible has been stripped of all of its mythological and non-historical content, the liberal theologian must be able to answer the question-what then?’ It is certainly justifiable to be as scientific as possible in proving that the Pentateuch was written by more then one author, that the whale did not swallow Jonah, that Jesus was not born a virgin, or that Jesus never met John the Baptist. But after all of this, what relevance do these scriptures have? What moral implications do we find growing out of the Bible? What relevance does Jesus have in 1948 A.D.?

— MLK, The Weaknesses of Liberal Theology


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